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What Is Management Consulting ?

Management consulting, often referred to as business consulting, is defined as “advisory or implementation services to the management of organizations with the aim of improving the effectiveness of their business strategy, organizational performance and operational processes."

 Phronesis Group Consulting is dedicated to coaching and developing business organizations of all sizes. We focus on helping them with practical solutions that aid them with reaching their business goals, business sustainability, and financial success. For only $5000 for every 8 hours associated with management consulting we can provide you with the expert advice you deserve to help you achieve your business goals. 

Such as:

  • Develop performance measures that support the company's strategic direction

  • Advising on operational improvement strategies

  • Developing performance measures that support the company's strategic direction.

  • Understanding and mitigating key elements of the company's risk profile

Why is Management Consulting  Important in Business today ? 

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, "about 20% of U.S. small businesses fail within the first year." 90 percent of all business failures are due to poor management decisions. According to an article in Management Review (which investigated the primary failure agents of new ventures), the most common reason new businesses fail is due to poor management. 

According to these failure statistics for small business, the biggest problems with financial management are the inability to manage working capital and under-capitalization. 

 Phronesis Group Consulting is here to be the solution to these tragic statistics that plague businesses across the world. Whether this is the new entrepreneur just learning how to run a business , the small business owner who is struggling to manage their business, or even the Corporation that is too busy and unorganized to solve all the problems they face daily. Phronesis Group Consulting’s Premier Management Consulting , and Technical Assistance Services creates a robust opportunity to give our clients the true peace of mind they need to focus on leading their business to optimal success.

What is Technical Assistance ?

Technical assistance includes diverse subject areas that can assist a range of business sizes and demands. Some Services can include assistance in areas like marketing, management, finance and strategic planning. Phronesis Group Consulting wants to help serve you by providing you with Technical Assistance services that can expand your business sustainability, financial goals, and business expansion opportunities. A few of these services to expect but not limited to are:

Such as:

  • Lender Readiness, Loan Packaging, and Closing.

  • Assist with customer service and quality improvement initiatives

  • Monthly Business Assessment

  • Not- For- Profit Development

  • Ensuring the integrity of fiscal data and modeling transparency and accountability.

  • Developing financial and tax strategies.

  • Arranging for debt and equity financing.

  • Reporting risk issues to the audit committee of the board of directors

See disclaimer that governs our client relationship.

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