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Phronesis Group Consulting Sales Management Program


What is sales management training?

Sales Management Training involves skills for how to manage a sales team. The Product Sales Training involves knowledge of the products and/or services the sales professional is selling. A common approach to product sales training is teaching how to communicate the features and benefits of the product to the customer.

What Does a Sales Manager Do?

Identifying Sales Goals. Setting sales goals is one of the main aspects of a sales manager's job description. 

Creating Sales Plans. 

Providing Training Opportunities.

Motivating the Team. 

Managing Accounts.

Recruiting and Hiring

 The well-trained sales team has a dramatic impact on company performance, not to

mention the individual benefits. After receiving sales training, the sales activity of

a rep increases drastically.   

Sales training is the process of improving seller skills, knowledge, and attributes to drive seller behavioral change and maximize sales success. To be most effective, sales training should be viewed, designed, and executed as a change management initiative. Sales training inspires and motivates your team, making them eager to practice  their new skills and engage customers. Increased customer engagement equals more overall sales, an effect that compounds over time.

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