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Benefits of Grants Assistance and Support Programs

  • Have an expert with a proven track record guide you with all the required documents needed

  • Save time on the formation and writing of the initial concept paper

  • Increase your chances of winning with expert advice

  • Assistance with the submission process

  • Identification of additional state, local and federal grant funding opportunities

  • Financial management services available for logging grant fund spending after award is made.

Why Grants Assistance and Support Programs Are Important ?

  • Grant Application Knowledge - Having the knowledge to understand all the required forms and documents is critical to the success of winning a grant. Missing one checkbox can toss out an application.

  • False/Bad Commutation Claims - If audited, a prime vendor can face various penalties if any false claims were made in the proposal.

  • Real Concept Paper - Incorrect formatting of a concept paper can negatively set the tone for the rest of your funding application.

  • Financial Audits/Compliance  - Proper financial documentation is needed to back up the concept paper outline.

  • Lack of Computer Skills- Applications will be assembled via editing software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF. Many contractors miss proposal deadlines when there is a lack of the technology knowledge needed to make quick adjustments in formatting.

  • Poor Time Management - The average grant application takes weeks to complete  without expertise hours to complete. 


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